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We are in an era of


Stress is Expensive!!!

  Transformation...whether it's personal or professional, 'Is an Inside Job'. 

Did you know?

*  The #1 cause of increased healthcare premiums is STRESS 
*  The cost of stress to business is over $300 billion annually
*  Lost productivity due to common pain conditions costs employers over
    $60 billion annually
*  Antidepressant use has skyrocketed 400% in the last two decades
*  American companies loose a whopping $6.8 billion lost productivity every
    year due to marital distress 

The thoughts we 'think' and the words we 'say'
can, and do,

influence the outcome of our
 personal and professional health and wealth.



Evolve   Emerge   Expand   Energize

Organizations face challenges and oftentimes they will put a 'band-aid' on top of problems.  There is a relationship that has formed with stress and a positive outcome would be to get to the 'root of the problem' as well as the 'stress culture' within an organization.  There is an energy to stress, and it permeates like wildfire and oftentimes takes on a life of it's own.

Using her intuitive strategies Mary helps your organization and employees to:

     *  be mindful
     *  reduce workplace stress & strains
     *  discover and dissolve blockages to health
     *  emotionally release chronic conditions
     *  increase manifestations
     *  prevent body breakdown as you build your business
     *  release clients/relationships that are draining
         (you know the one's sucking the living life out of you!)
     *  heal faster after surgery / injuries
     *  maintain your power and not give it away
     *  make decisions from a place of 'strength', not fear
     *  treasure being BOLD, Beautiful and Brilliant! 

Stressed Individuals May Notice These Stress Symptoms:
     *  Weight gain                               *  Difficulty sleeping
     *  Decreased confidence               *  Upset stomach
     *  Neck, shoulder, back pain         *  Decreased productivity
     *  Lack of energy                           *  Difficulty concentrating
     *  Excess mind chatter                   *  Increased respiratory conditions

Services to assist in your transformation:

    *  Private Sessions
    *  VIP Day
    *  Speaking Engagements
    *  Wellness Retreats
    *  Power Breakfasts
    *  Executive Roundtables
    *  1/2 & full day Corporate Events
    *  Nurse continuing education workshops


Partial List of Clients & Companies Impacted by Mary







WNMag                                BluDiamond


- eWomen Network, Louisville, KY
- Valkyrie Athletics, Jennie Cwikla

- Baylor
Hospital, Richardson, TX
- Grapevine/Colleyville, TX School Nurses
- Texas Health Resources, HEB
- Arizona Lawyer Julie LaBenz
- Inspirations Unlimited
- Nicole Mizoguchi, Artist
- Overtones Bookstore, TX
- Park Infusion Care, TX
- Lisa Nichols
- Dr. Wayne Topping, PhD
- The Chiropractic Health Center, TX
- eWomen Network, Louisville, KY
- Life Success Seminars, LLC
Cincinnati, OH
- Unity Church, Louisville, KY
- MidLife Miracle Radio Show, Moira Shepard
- Northern KY Local Coding Chapter
- Dr. Susan Pazak Radio Show
- Caroline Sutherland, Sutherland Communications, Inc.
- Meg Benedicte
- Laurie Polinski
- Jacqueline Joy
- Whitney McMillan
- Marcia Breitenbach
- Asia Voight
- Cindy & Michael Fess
- Lorrie Kazan
- Dr's. Judith Sherven, PhD & Jim Sniechowski, PhD
- Christiene Renée, CHT



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